// Founder //

Julie Schechter

is a life-long dancer. She grew up in Southern California ballet studios and on dance teams before graduating from The University of California, Irvine with degrees in Dance and Global Cultures. She graduated from Harvard Law School in 2012 and practiced at a law firm in Orange County, California as a litigation associate for several years. In 2014, hoping to help women incorporate true health into their lives, she left law to found fitBallet.  She believes that real fitness--a confident mind and a powerful body--is a crucial component of a life well-lived. She loves writing, sushi and coffee.

// Instructors //


Victoria Vikstrom

* Favorite fitBallet move: Swan arms

* Favorite place to eat in NYC: Taqueria (I live for guacamole!)

* Best self-care ritual: Foamrolling my whole body.

* Most empowering phrase: If it doesn't open, it's not your door.

* Spirit animal: Cat

Megan Haran

* Favorite fitBallet move: Swan Arms! 

* Favorite place to eat in NYC: Le District, a French food hall 

* Best self-care ritual: I am a notorious list writer.  If I make a list I can conquer my "to do's".

* Most empowering phrase: Dance as though no one is watching you / Love as though you have never been hurt before / Sing as though no one can hear you / Live as though heaven is on earth.

* What's your spirit animal? A Mermaid!

Jazmine Raye


*Favorite fitBallet move: Side attitude crunches

*Favorite place to eat in NYC: 99-cent pizza on West 4th Street

*Best self-care ritual: Painting at late hours of the night

*Most empowering phrase: Those who fear the thorns cannot pick the roses

*Spirit animal: Mustang - 2005 Ford v6 5-speed

Dominica Greene


* Favorite fitBallet move: Side Attitude Crunches

* Favorite place to eat in NYC: Dallas BBQ

* Best self-care ritual: Braiding my hair every night

* Most empowering phrase: Beyonce has just as many hours in the day as you do.

* Spirit animal: The sun!