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fitBallet eBook

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fitBallet eBook


When you can't make it to class, the fitBallet eBook has everything you need to take control of your health. The book contains:

  • 3 months of intense workouts, building from beginner to advanced levels of fitness.
  • Step-by-step visual guides to basic ballet positions.
  • A glossary of exercises, all linked to YouTube video demonstrations.
  • A comprehensive, follow-along stretching guide.
  • A manifesto about the future of female health and fitness.
  • A sample paleo nutrition guide that tells you exactly what to make for every meal for a week.
  • and more!

The Level 1 workouts are purely bodyweight, so you can get started with just your desire to get fit! For the second two months, you'll add in hand weights (2-3 lbs) and a kettlebell as you become ready.

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