fitBallet combines the strength and elongation of ballet with high energy circuit training. The workout focuses on full-body movements (such as burpees, pliés and pushups) in an atmosphere that emphasizes empowerment. We offer group classes and personal training in New York City. 

If you are...

a dancer who wants to cross-train and gain strength and stamina...

a non-dancer who likes the intensity of traditional weight workouts, but fears "bulking up"...

eager to step up your fitness dedication in a fun and supportive environment...

                                              ...fitBallet is perfect for you!



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"fitBallet has changed my life..." -Renee F.

"I am typically a 'keep to yourself, do your work out and leave' kind of class-goer but... I found a 'tribe' of people who are struggling with me, growing with me and pushing themselves in the same way I am and I really appreciate that." -Nargis H.

"I like that it uses dance postures and moves, but is actually really challenging. People always ask me if it is like a barre class - and the answer is NO. It is its own thing that combines ballet, bootcamp and pilates." - Jenny P. 

"fitBallet is an evolutionary and continuous can push yourself harder every single class and achieve strength in a very personal and subjective way! From the core, I truly feel stronger and leaner after taking fitBallet a few times a week." -Pashmeena H.

"The instructors don't let you slack off and force you to work hard with their positive energy. They really love what they do.... All of the instructors make a point to introduce themselves and get to know you on a person-to-person basis as opposed to just instructing the class and being done with it." - Margaret C.

"The instructors, the people, the's a workout that's focused on strength and rising up even when it's tough and being with people who are kicking serious butt. I always feel high on life after leaving a class." - Kelly Z.

"fitBallet has been a great addition to my life. Each workout, with the combination of cardio and strength training, is challenging and different. Having variety in the workouts really keeps my motivation and interest up. As a former dancer, it's great to get back to my roots with all the ballet exercises. Each time I do a workout, I feel like a dancer again, and it makes me so happy. With fitBallet, I love that not only am I getting a great workout, but I'm also building those coveted long, lean dancer muscles." 
- Lauren R.